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Our Mortgage Loan Originators at My Reverse Options are committed to doing the "right thing" for our customers. We understand that our industry has had a less-than-stellar reputation because of unscrupulous deeds perpetrated by some loan officers and the many myths surrounding the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) or Reverse Mortgage. New regulations from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and FHA, have allocated additional safeguards to help protect homeowners and restore trust in this great financial tool.


My Reverse Options is determined to help change the way the HECM is viewed by approaching each scenario as though the customer is our own parent, friend or loved one. Each loan option must undergo our internal ethics question: Is this good enough for my own parent(s)? If that question cannot be answered with an unequivocal "Yes", then that's not good enough for our customers.


We do not subscribe to the "one size fits all" philosophy, so our promise to you is to provide the best options and let you decide what's right for you; thus, the name My Reverse Options. Also, a reverse mortgage may not be for everyone; if we determine that it may not be right for your situation, we will advise as such.


We hope that you would give us an opportunity to show you some options. A referral is always the greatest compliment; and we understand that that compliment only comes as a reward for a job well done. We look forward to earning your compliments for years to come.